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via libertà, 16
13816 sagliano micca , Biella

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emanuele sacerdote

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Founded in 1862 in Sagliano Micca, within the Biella area, Barbisio projects and manufactures top quality felt hats. Since over a century, commitment and distinction, utility and excellence remain the hallmarks of the company that since its foundation exports its art around the world. In the original 5,500 square meters headquarters, the master hatters work in harmony with the style centre to ensure a perfect blend of technological avant-garde and craftsmanlike cleverness. The objective of the whole process is the creation of a modern-chic hat that covers, protects, dresses with pride, and contributes to a distinguishing allure.
The Barbisio brand is owned by Cappellificio Cervo Srl., a company established in 1897, when it started a production with the homonym brand name. In 1982 the Cappellificio Cervo took over the Barbisio brand. Today Cappellificio Cervo owns the following brands: Barbisio, from 1862 men hats reviewed in a modern key; Cappellificio Cervo, from 1897 tradition’s men and women hats and Bantam, from 1938 men hats. In 2009 the company was taken over by Polluce 1, the financial company of the Romiti family and Maurizio Romiti was appointed President, with the task of supporting the families Borrione and Caldesi in the management.

Barbisio is present in Italy, Japan and Europe in carefully selected department stores and boutiques. The objective of the company is to reinforce its current positioning, enhancing the brand’s knowledge and image not only in Italy but particularly on the international markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Unites States and China.